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Over 20 years of experience!

Got a virus?  We've got the cure. 

Spyware?  Let us get rid of it. 

Need to upgrade?  That's exactly what we do!

When it comes to nasty things taking hold of your computers, we've got the experience to cure it...eliminate it...we've seen it all.  We've been removing viruses since the time when the infected 5-1/4" floppy drives. (We haven't seen that in a while.)

With all of the new spyware and phishing scams, you really need to have proper protection.  You need to be sure that nobody's spying on your sensitive information, and we can help.

We have a number of tools to protect you and cure those infections.  If your computer has started running slow, you can just about bet that you've been compromised.  We can get you back up to speed right away.

Try these helpful links to virus and spyware tools...

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The home of Spybot-S&D!

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