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Reconditioned IBM Typewriters For Sale - Click Here!


We are IBM typewriter experts!  (Yes, we still do that.) 

We started in 1964.  A couple of ex IBM techies decided to use some of the world's finest training and start a business providing first-class service to companies in the Los Angeles area.  We grew to astronomical size, adding clients so fast that we couldn't hire Customer Engineers fast enough.  We did our own in-house training, so that we could insure excellence in our technicians. 

IBM typewriters are incredibly complex, and what we consider to be some of the finest engineering ever.  Our training program was intense, thorough, and focused on fixing machines correctly the first time.

We still have that expertise.  And the parts.  And the interest.  Let us show you how to make that ol' typewriter work like new!

Ask us about our reconditioning service.  We clean, adjust, and repair your typewriter to be like new.  All worn parts are replaced, and all new rubber installed. 

We have supplies too!  

              Ribbons          Lift-off Tapes 

           Elements (type balls)           Printwheels


Call us: (626) 357-7075

E-mail us for all inquires: The Wordland guys!

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